Dogrobes Drying Coat

Dogrobes Drying Coat

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Unbelievable (03/06/2016)
Received this coat about four hours ago from Canine World, took Poppy, my 8 month old Springer Spaniel over to a lake for a swim. Poppy learnt to swim three weeks ago and has been swimming every day since. After her swim I placed the coat on her expecting her to throw a wobbly, she stopped shivering, a Spaniel thing, almost immediately and settled down in her car crate for the journey home, about 15 minutes. When we got home I fully expected the coat to have been removed by Poppy, but no, Poppy just laid in her crate very content, no shivering as was usual. I left the coat on Poppy for another 10 minutes or so and taking it off of her was utterly surprised to find her torso and under belly were a lot drier than I could have got her after a lot of towelling down. I owe the guy a drink who told me of these coats, they are magic, thank you Canine World.
5 star (07/12/2015)
Loving the robes .god send when it's wet and muddy .definatley will buy more

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