Portable Water Bowl

Portable Water Bowl

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A contemporary design perfect for taking on walks, car journeys and trips to the park. The Thirsty Milo portable drinking bowl not only looks great but does exactly what it needs to. Easy to carry and holding up to 1.5 litres of water, you can ensure that there is drinking water available for your dog regardles of where you are.  It's sturdy design allows you to just place it on the floor and it won't collpase if stood on or knocked. Simply unscrew when your dog wants a drink, then when he's finished re-tighten to keep the remaining water securely locked in until next time. No more pouring out of a bottle then throwing half of the water away!

The Thirsty Milo is suitable for dogs of all sizes with its generous 120mm aperture giving them easy access to the water.



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