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Thundershirt is a fabulous solution for dog anxiety, recommended by many vets and dog trainers. With it's patent pending design the Thundershirt applies a gently, constant pressure which has an oustanding calming effect on dogs. Ideal for those who suffer from separation, noise, travel or general anxiety. Pressure has been successfully used for years to reduce anxiety and Thundershirt are that confident that they offer a full satisfaction guarantee. If it doesn't work for your dog simply return with proof of purchase within 45 days for a full refund.

Extra Small: 13-18" chest size, 10-18lbs weight

Small: 16-23" chest size, 15-25 lbs weight

Medium: 18"-26" chest size, 20-50lbs weight

Large: 24-32" chest size, 40-70 lbs weight

Chest size is the best measurement to go from, simply measure your dog's torso behind the front legs at its largest point.


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