Cool Coat

Cool Coat

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Dogs are not as capable as humans at expelling excess body and tragically when the temperature dogs can die, with many more suffering undue discomfort. This Cool Coat however will keep your dog cool for hours and can be re-used time and time again. Activated by water they are light and comfortable for your dog to wear, and will make your dog feel cool, not wet. Simply immerse the Cool Coat in water for a couple fo minutes, squeeze out the excess water and place on your dog. As the water evaporates from the Cool Coat it draws heat from the dog's body, leaving him cool and refreshed. When the coat starts to stiffen just re-activate but wetting once more.

To clean the coat wash thoroughly in clean water, or if very dirty it can go into the washing machine.


Extra Small: Length 28cm, Waist 30 - 39cm

Small: Length 38cm, Waist 39 - 51cm

Medium: Length 50cm, Waist 52 - 62 cm

Large: Length 64cm, Waist 63 - 85 cm

Extra Large: Length 80cm, Waist 85 - 110cm



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