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Dog Rocks

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100% natural and hassle free, Dog Rocks are the proven way to stop urine burn patches from ruining your lawn. Simply place in your dog's water bowl, and without changing the pH balance of the urine it will help to prevent those unsightly burn patches. How? Well the grass is burned from excess nitrates which dogs can receive from drinking water. The rocks act as a water purifying agent and so gives your dog a cleaner source of water. Consequently they have lower nitrates in their system, and so the grass is greener. Having been sold in Australia since the 1990's, and over 1 million sold worldwide with a lot of positive feedback, you can really take confidence in this product. 1 pack is for 2 months supply (although this may vary dependent upon how much water your dog drinks).

To use:


  • Wash thoroughly under running water to remove any dust
  • Place entire pack into your dog's water bowl (each water bowl should have its own supply of rocks)
  • Refresh water regularly and replace the Dog Rocks after 2 months
  • If your dog removes the rocks from the bowl, place in a jug and top up the water borl with water from the jug
  • You will see improvements within 5 weeks although if you use a large amount of fertiliser this can reduce the effectiveness of Dog Rocks


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