Dogrobes Drying Coat

Dogrobes Drying Coat

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Dogrobes are practical drying coats, perfect to use after bathing, playtime, a day's work or if you've just got caught in a downpour! Made from a unique luxurious towelling which is fast drying, durable andwon't snag; these robes will have your dog dry in about 30 minutes with a lot less mess than constant towel rubs. Covering the underbelly and hind quarters they are re-inforced in key areas to withstand the more vigorous dogs and being machine washable you can keep them looking great and feeling comfortable. Can also be used wet in summer as a cooling coat. Available in Red, Navy Blue, Green and now also Limited Edition Pink and Limited Edition Grey

Dogrobes are easy to fit, you simply pop over the dog's head, straighten out along the back then loosely tie on the top, on either side of the spine. Please measure your dog around the deepest part of the chest for best fit.

Mini: 16" / 41cm - e.g. Yorkshire Terrier

Toy: 20" / 51cm - e.g. Jack Russell 

Extra Small: 24" / 61cm - e.g. Cocker Spaniel

Small: 26" / 66cm - e.g. Springer Spaniel

Medium: 30" / 76cm - e.g. Border Collie

Large: 32" / 81cm - e.g. Labrador

Extra Large: 36" / 91cm - e.g. German Shepherd

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